Lenovo Idea Centre 3 (Intel) PC with Mouse & Keyboard

RM2,099.00 - RM2,599.00

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Don't sacrifice 'do' for 'design'

The IdeaCentre 3 is a compact desktop PC that packs tons of performance. It's slim and stylish and fits anywhere, but you don't have to sacrifice "do" for "design." With up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors, it's ready for work, school, or play.

Plenty of plug-and-play ports

Busy families plug a lot of devices into their PC. So we built the IdeaCentre 3 with loads of ports and slots to attach everything from monitors to cameras to game controllers. It's got a whopping five USBs—three of them front-facing. And with the latest WiFi 6E* wireless technology you'll get speedy connectivity to your internet router and wireless accessories.

Store more moments & memories

With the IdeaCentre 3 desktop PC, choosing what files to keep and delete is a thing of the past. It's got up to 512GB SSD storage, to hold photos, music, saved games, and work files. Go ahead. Click "Save."

Compact—but feature-filled

The compact, 7L chassis allows the IdeaCentre 3 to sit on, under, or beside your desk—whatever fits your space, and the Cloud Grey color matches any décor. Yet inside, you'll find helpful features such as Smart Storage. It enables automated data backups, remote data access, and easy sharing and syncing with your family's personal devices.

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